Advertising Management

Advertising Management

If time really is money, one of the crucial decisions any business can make is how to advertise its goods and services. With a highly competitive market in endless fields and industries, Innovative Direct Marketing has the expertise to guide you through the sometimes choppy waters of getting your message out to the consuming public.

The best place to start is budgeting. Coming up with a plan for how much you can or should spend is step one. It is a decision of great importance for any business, regardless of size. If you are best suited to work with us on a part-time basis, the delivery of services will never decrease. Never assume your advertising needs are not affordable - IDM is perfectly situated to craft individualized planning reflecting your unique priorities and needs. Advertising is a proven way to build a solid customer base and continue reaching out to new ones. Communicating effectively with your customers in today's business world means developing strategies, goals to implement them and the flexibility to make needed changes as dictated by expected and unforeseen factors.

IDM offers solutions to your advertising challenges. We know full well the value of ad placement to achieve maximum results and boost your bottom line! It all revolves around selecting the best media outlet for existing and potential customers. One thing we guarantee is advertising management suited to the unique features of your business; ours is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Think of IDM as a one-stop shop to make everything work together to grow your business.


We utilize a detailed list of services to complement advertising management.

  • Design Services - Concise communication to your customers, proper message placement within ads and specifics like logo development, branding, package design, video production, animation and much more!
  • Direct Mail - Use of a more conventional method of reaching customers
  • Web Services - Building your online brand and presence means tapping into our vast resources, including our Platinum and Bronze website packages. In addition, IDM specializes in eCommerce sites, real estate sites and SEO and PPC advertising.
  • Email Marketing - Yet another way to reach customers in the digital age, we can tackle your needs.
  • Social Media Marketing - From Facebook to Twitter, we offer unique strategies and proven methods.
  • Vehicle and Architectural Marketing - A growing market, advertising your business with vehicle wraps and/or your building can bolster customer interest.
  • Photography Services - Choosing the right pictures and/or illustrations can and does often determine effective advertising.
  • Media Planning and Buying - Targeted use of advertising, budgeting, placement and ongoing management based on your needs.
  • Strategic Planning - Utilizing various approaches to set forth a plan for maximum audience reach in different communication platforms.
  • Promotions - An ever-present need for businesses; we provide direction and collaboration for attracting more interest and attention to your products and services by raising the business profile as needed.
  • Loyalty Marketing - Building a brand that connects existing and potential customers to your business. The ultimate goal is to cultivate an expectation of excellence, reliability and stability. For example, major retailers like Wal-Mart and Target enjoy instant recognition as pillars of their industry. Did this happen by mere coincidence? No, it involved tapping into the talents of advertising management professionals and remains a critical part of their business models today. If you are a local tech company or beauty salon/spa, image and public recognition cannot be overstated.
  • Event Marketing - Similar to promotions, we offer avenues for drawing eyes and ears to special or regular events intended to raise your business profile. Again, size is not a concern - serving your individual needs is!


Making the best use of your advertising dollars should be the least of your worries. We undertake the tasks of ad placement, keyword searches for online use, composition of ad copy and headers, as well as the all-important call to action (example: "Click here today for more information" or "Give us a quick call." Of course, you will want to know how easily customers can locate your business online and elsewhere, so let IDM build a plan to do just that. Most of all, we can completely and professionally manage any business' advertising needs no matter the size or budget. If you need a trusted business to handle the advertising management process from beginning to end to long-term maintenance, we are the go-to source!

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