Social Media Marketing

Feeling left behind with everyone else liking, posting, pinning, and even tweeting? Perhaps you have tried to advertise your social site, but have seen it is no easy task?

These days, social media has become a part of our everyday life style. For example, it is estimated that Facebook alone has over 750 million active users; it is also estimated that more than half of the U.S. population has an account on one or more social media networks.

So, how do capitalize on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social media platforms?

Well, here at Innovative Direct Marketing we understand how this can benefit any type of business and we work with you on creating the best social media advertising plan.

It all starts with creating a strategy that outlines clear goals. Creativity is a critical piece of that strategy, especially for businesses that don't naturally lend themselves to a social media conversation. We work with you to design a social media strategy and show you that it is possible to get the conversation going for just about any type of business.

Our Social Media Service Is Multi-Tiered

  • Post Content:

    We post timely industry news, blogs, articles, fun facts, quotes, videos, images and other relevant content to Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn. And we post links back to your website or blog announcing new content, promotions and company news.

  • Interaction

    We respond to people who engage with you on social media and interact with relevant groups and pages. We post questions, polls and other content designed to get a conversation started on your page.

  • Community Building:

    We set up a Facebook landing page, write exclusive content for your followers, aggressively manage follow/unfollow links, report "like" metrics, follow/connect with customers and others in your target market, follow-back relevant followers, and @ mention prominent and/or well-connected users and industry leaders.

How Do You Check The Progress

Each client is given access to a 24/7 back office/report center, that will show the progress of the campaign and display analytic.

Check out our Testimonials to see why so many customers keep coming back to us and Contact Us Today to increase your website traffic.

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