Design Services

Logo Design

A company’s logo is the most important component in its branding and having the right image can say everything about it. A truly great logo becomes synonymous with a company’s identity.

Magazine Design

Magazines are an exceptional way to present information to clients and investors. Our talented staff delivers top quality design and material that will represent your business in the best possible light. We provide affordable, custom design with cost effective top quality prints.

Brochure Design

Brochures are inexpensive and super-effective marketing tools that are a great way to present clients and potential customers with your products and services. They can be used for lead generation, as leave-behinds, or direct mailers and in numerous other applications.

Folder Design

Every business has its share of paperwork, but a stack of plain, loose papers just isn’t very enticing when the goal is to attract customers. Our custom 9 x 12” pocket folders are excellent for presenting and distributing business marketing materials, invoices, or other vital documents. They work best however, when the folder has a unique, eye catching design on high quality and sturdy prints, which we provide!

Character Development

How can characters or mascots improve your marketing? Companies such as McDonalds, Geicko, and Pillsbury used characters for everyday advertising recognition of their brand, and it’s worked! Let us create a custom character for your business!


Our team of experienced website programmers are here to take all the proper steps in maintaining your website on a routine basis. You’ve spent countless hours on writing the perfect content, selecting the right imagery, and selecting the most reliable hosting company, no reason to miss out on picking the perfect company such as IDM to maintain your website.

Stationery Design

With custom designed stationery and especially custom designed business cards created to match your brand awareness, your image will stand apart from the competition.

Postcard Design

Whether you are mailing them out to current customers, new ones or just need a two sided service card with no mailing label, we can help you create that perfect piece.

Flyer Design

Our custom flyer designs can take your brand to the next level. Tied with your advertising and your custom image, we work with you to help create a uniquely designed flyer that you will be proud of!

Banner Design

Do you need a custom designed banner for an event? Or maybe advertising a special on your website? There are only a few marketing strategies that send as powerful a message as large, custom banners do. No matter the use our custom banners demand attention due to their unique design and high quality finish. No matter the job, we can help!

Package Design

Packaging is one of the most important marketing arms for you product. If your packaging does not convey your message and get people interested in your product it will not be successful. We know the importance of your brand image and how to create a complete package design that gets your product noticed.

Other Graphic Design

We provide full graphic design services. We can help you create any type of advertising piece or artwork needed at any composition size. From web graphics to high quality full print graphics, we work with you to create that custom, non-template piece that is branded specifically for your business.