Visual Effects and Motion Graphics

Visual Effects & Motion Graphics

Visual Effects and Motion graphics are eye catching and, if used right, can be lead generating. The real trick is to not be distracting from the rest of the project, but to add value to whatever the motion graphic or visual effect is accompanying.

Innovative Direct Marketing specializes in creating custom motion graphics and visual effects that will fit your project’s needs. We can handle all size projects, from quick, short commercials to big budget visual effects driven feature films. Anything is possible!

Our motion graphics are created with state-of-the-art technologies and are backed with Innovative Direct Marketing's highly skilled unique design team. We have produced motion graphics for both ESPN 2 and National Geographic for shows such as the Bassmaster Classic, Bassmaster Elite Series, Day on the Lake, Madfin Shark Series, Hooked on Bass, and the Atlanta Football Classic.

Some Of Tthe Typical Motion Graphics We Have Helped Clients With Include

  • Title Sequences
  • Lower Third Graphics
  • Full Screen
  • Interviews and Informational Art Cards
  • And so many more!

Some Of The Typical Visual Effects We Have Helped Clients With Include

  • Sky Replacements
  • Logo Removal
  • Environmental Effects, such as snow, fire, smoke and lightning
  • And so many more!

Our visual effects and motion graphic design team has a real understanding of how to execute quality effects from the largest of projects to the finest detail on smaller projects.

See how we can combine your motion graphics & visual effects project with a logo animation and 3D services.

Check out our Visual FX Portfolio to see examples of our work and Contact Us Today to receive Special Savings only found here at Innovative Direct Marketing.