Web Maintenance

Web Maintenance

Your website is now live. Congratulations!!! Have you thought about how you will keep it maintained and attract new customers?

By regularly updating your site, you’ll improve your search engine rankings, increase your number of visitors, and strengthen your company’s online presence.

IDM has the perfect solution, our website maintenance plan!

All of our monthly website payment solutions include on-going website maintenance. We also offer stand-alone website maintenance plans.

These Maintenance Plans Include Features Such As

  • On-going service for updating your site.
  • Anytime you need a change, just email it over & we will get it completed for you ASAP, normally within 24 hours.
  • On-going copywriting maintenance, including rewrites & additional page copy creation.
  • Free print design advertisement and/or stationery design (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, phone book ads, etc…*)
  • And so much more!

As internet trends and technologies are constantly evolving, and your business is growing, having an IDM website maintenance plan ensures your site evolves with the changing demands.

That, paired with a search engine optimization (SEO) plan, will help you reach that online market and attract those new customers.

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