EDDM® Getting Started

We like to make things simple on our customers. That is why our EDDM® service at IDM is all inclusive. It includes design, Print, Prep, and Delivery. All you have to do is tell us what area you would like to target and we take it from there.

Deciding where to send a direct mail piece is a critical step in the EDDM® process. We specialize in targeting the proper households for your business. With a short phone call we can discuss your expectations of your EDDM® mailer and work out a route list that best meets your needs.
Call us today to get started - 501-286-2986.

The USPS® also offers a free EDDM® route search tool at eddm.usps.com. If you know the neighborhood you want to target and want to hand select your routes this is the tool for you. Once you have selected your routes call us and we will take it from there.

Call 501-286-2986 to get started today or to speak to one or our Specialists.