Looking to get noticed?

Our Product is sure to demand Attention!

With its high quality paper, glossy print, and over-sized format it is sure to be seen in any mailbox. With approximately 18 to 20 local businesses giving great incentives on our LARGE 9 x 24 mailer there is surely something to grab every consumers attention - giving you maximum exposure!

Distribution: Hitting approximately 10,000 to 20,000 households once monthly in your local area.

That is 120,000 to 240,000 printed and distributed to local consumers per year per town!

Today's consumers want to make the most of every purchase.
They are looking for value and they can find it in Arkansas Direct.
It is a fact that coupon usage is intensifying - as even higher end consumers are looking to save.

Find out what our advertisers already know:

Arkansas Direct is helping local consumers save money while helping promote your business!!!

Arkansas Direct is a community publication that is designed to help consumers save money and help businesses strategically attract new customers. We are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive free and discount offers from popular merchants and businesses throughout all of Arkansas. Arkansas Direct is a direct mail publication published by Innovative Direct Marketing LLC.

Our Mission
Provide local businesses with the opportunity to gain new revenue generating growth through our unique and specific direct marketing campaigns directed towards local households.

We look forward to helping

you grow your business!

Check out www.arkansasdirect.net to learn more about this service!